Confirmation Requirements

"The Confirmation program is based on the guidelines provided by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Office of Religious Education. This is a two-year program and a student must have attained the minimum age of 16 before receiving the sacrament. 

CONFIRMATION: Minimum Requirements 
* Must attend 2 years of Religious Education prior to entering Confirmation Class
* Valid Catholic Baptismal Certificate
* Parish Information Sheet and the Sponsor Verification Form
* Regular attendance (80% attendance in class) and full participation in the prescribed course of study for Confirmation
* All class work missed must be made up
* Must attend mass on a regular basis (Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation)
* Readiness for Confirmation ascertained by Parish Priest, Catechist, and Parents based on:
* Class conduct, punctuality, respectfulness, interview with priest and/or person appointed 
* Attitude toward Christian service
* Willingness to attend liturgical events and other Confirmation related activities outside regular classroom times

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Director of Religious Education
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