Parish Council

The parish council’s purpose is to use our faith in Christ and our care for our parish community, to inspire and listen to Holy Name Catholic Parish, so that the parish community and the pastor pursue a common vision through open communication and a desire to grow in their appreciation and practice of the Catholic Faith. A key point to raise here is the parish council serves as a consultative body rather than a policy-making body. The Priest uses the input of the parish council in order to shape and implement the policies that are deemed necessary. The parish council is instrumental in making these policies a reality by contributing the personal and professional expertise to the discussion and work.

Trusting in the Holy Spirit, we value vision, courage, open communication, compassion, and efficiency.

The parish council is responsible for

  1. increasing the member’s personal knowledge of the Catholic Faith,
  2. devising a 2 year plan for the parish’s development and improvement, and
  3. addressing immediate concerns that come up in the parish.

The parish council serves as a consultative body for the pastor. As a consultative body, they assist the pastor by serving, as a “sounding board” to insure that new initiatives serve the parish’s needs well. The parish council also brings concerns to the pastor’s attention.

The parish council will meet on the Third Tuesday on the month from7pm to 8pm, with special meetings as needed. These meetings are open to the parish and any parishioner can suggerst a topic for the agenda. New agenda items will be discussed dependent upon the urgency of the topic.

The parish council commits to use open communication to arrive at consensus when making decisions. Also, we seek the input of experts and other informed individuals to help us arrive at informed decisions.

We will resolve conflicts through open communications and dealing with conflict promptly.

In order to be considered for a position on the parish council, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidates must be Catholics in good standing, reflecting in their lives their financial stewardship to the parish and proper moral conduct. Along with observing the precepts of the Church, the candidate, if married, must be in a marriage recognized by the Church.
  2. Candidates are preferred to be bi-lingual.
  3. Candidates are expected to attend meetings regularly. A consistent pattern of absences may result in being removed from the council.
  4. Candidates are expected to commit to 3 member a two year term and 3 member a three year term.
  5. Candidates should reside within the parish boundaries.
  6. Candidates must be willing to bring new ideas and work to bring them to fruition.
  7. Candidates must be willing to engage areas of the parish other than where they are comfortable.
  8. Candidates must be willing to offer useful feedback so that the parish can continue improving.
  9. Candidates should be at least 18 years of age.

Currently, the council is not accepting applications for new members. Please watch the front page of this website or the bulletin for more information.

Current Members:
Paul Brown               Roger Schultz

Patty Lopez               Isabel Vega

Terri Gallaway           Armando Alvarado

Contact Information

Name Roger Schultz