Altar Society

The altar society of Holy Name is a group of women from the Parish who offer their dedicated service to the Church.  We are involved in the life of the Church in a special way.  Through our efforts, we assist the Pastor in maintaining the Altar, Sanctuary, and Sacristy.  This includes cleaning and setting of the Altar for Services, caring for the vestments, Altar cloths, etc.  We also decorate for special occasions and help care for the plants and flowers.  we also offer a spirit of community to the members.  Speakers and entertainment are provided at the meetings, and special social events are offered to the members.  The Altar Society also reaches out to the needs of the community and in times of disaster offers financial help to victims.  Just as the women of the New Testament administered to Christ during His Public Ministry, the women of Holy Name Altar Society administer to Christ in His Church in Chickasha Oklahoma. 

Altar Society


The Altar Society is starting the new season with good fellowship and good food.  Join us and bring a dish to share.  We meet the 3rd Thursday at noon in St. Joseph's Hall.

Our mission is to serve the people of our community, and to that end: we purchase items for the altar, serve funeral lunches, keep the votive candles, clean vestments, support local charities, purchases cassocks for the altar servers, Christmas baskets for the home bound, assist with parish receptions, and many more activities.

Come join the fun, enjoy a timely program and a great lunch.  Please don't be shy as we all have been "the new kid on the block" Just call on of the officers and we will "hook you up".

President - Betty Spies ~ 224-4284                          Vice President ~ Mary Jessen ~ 222-0783
Secretary ~ Beverly McAdams ~ 224-2962               Treasurer ~ Toni Schulte ~ 204-6655