Catholic Daughters

The Catholic Daughter’s of America was formed in 1903 in Utica, New York by John E. Carberry and several other Knights of Columbus.  It was formed as a charitable, benevolent and patriotic sorority for Catholic ladies.   The name chosen for this group was called The National Order of Isabella.  The motto was, “We are dedicated to the principles of Unity and Charity.”

In 1921 the order changed their name to its current one, “The Catholic Daughters of the America’s.” It was during this time that the Knights of Columbus disassociated itself from the Catholic Daughter’s, allowing them to become their own entity.

The Catholic Daughter’s went from 90 courts in 1924 to 1,250 courts today. We have courts in 45 states and we also have courts in Mexico, Guam,  and The Virgin Islands.

The Catholic Daughters work very hard for both our parish and our community at large.  We are deeply spiritual and have a deep love for  our God, our country and our parish.

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas continues to live out its motto of "Unity and Charity" today.