Parish History

The Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church was built in 1926, the work of architect Harold Gimeno. Many view it as his most beautiful design. The basilica-type church is noted for its beautiful rose window and its sixty foot tall gothic bell tower. It was constructed of red brick with limestone highlights. It marked Gimeno’s largest commission. Gimeno was the son of a noted artist at the University of Oklahoma, and received a Masters in Architectural Engineering from Harvard. He established his practice in Norman, Oklahoma around 1925, and his work can be viewed in several homes, fraternities and a theater in Norman, Oklahoma. The interior of the Church is likewise a work of art. Beautiful marble altars and statues filled the cavernous interior. Over the years, the church building has been modernized and updated, most noticeably the ornate marble altar pieces and floors. But the building structure with it's beautiful stained glass windows remains the same.