Safe Environment

To Report Known or Suspected Neglect or Abuse, Call the Department of Human Services Statewide Abuse Hotline:


Reporting is MANDATORY if the victim is under 18 years old. If you think a child (under 18 years of age) is in immediate danger call 911.

The Statewide Abuse Hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Statewide Abuse Hotline may be used to report known or suspected neglect or abuse of a child or vulnerable adult. When you make a report, you will be asked for specific information, such as:

• The name of the victim and location

• The name and relationship (if known) of the person you believe is abusing the child or vulnerable person

• What you have seen or heard regarding the abuse or neglect

• The names of any other people who might know about the abuse

• Your name and phone number: This is voluntary. You may remain anonymous.

To report abuse by Archdiocesan Personnel or someone representing the Catholic Church Archdiocesan Policies require that after reporting on the Statewide Abuse Hotline you contact the Archdiocesan Pastoral Response Hotline: (405) 720-9878


The Office of the Vicar General: 1-800-721-5651