Ebola Crisis: How You Can Help The rituals of death I experienced when my grandfather passed away a few years ago—the funeral, the church service, the burial, the visits, the wake—were critical for my grieving and healing process. DONATE NOW >>> The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has broken its people's sacred traditions for honoring their dead. Rituals once included bathing and carefully tending to the body, a final show of love and respect. But now this ritual now carries the risk of infection if the death was from Ebola. Because bodies—one of the main sources of the spread of this virus—are extremely contagious, loved ones are being whisked away by men in protective gear. Read the Full Story

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Whose Sheep Are You?Podcast
by Fr. Tharp
This is a "revised" version of Fr. Tharp's homily from Sunday. It's a bit longer than the preached version, but hey, that's what the internet is for, right?
Date: 4/21/13
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